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Ambulance Service Development

The Gambia 

“Local people in The Gambia suffer illness and injury at an appalling level.  Medical care is expensive but if we can develop a high performing ambulance service that is, in part, paid for by tourists, international government staff and other travellers through insurance, then we will be able to provide local people with the emergency care they need and deserve. The 625 are helping us to achieve that.” 

Dr Omar Jagne – Chief Medical Officer 

The 625 are undertaking the following priority areas;
  1. Delivery of clinical services in the hospital
  2. Delivery of ambulance pre-hospital care
  3. Capability and capacity assessment
  4. Clinical skills development
  5. Operational skills development
  6. Governance and management development
  7. Resource development
  8. Clinical Performance management
  9. Clinical and managerial education and training
Key achievements 2018;
  1. Four emergency ambulances now operating across Banjul
  2. Agreements to transfer critical patients to specialist facilities in Senegal
  3. Paramedic training program underway
  4. Local doctors and clinicians delivering 625 education packages
  5. Clinical governance structure agreed and implemented
  6. Online learning management system for clinical staff design completed
  7. Patient group directives agreed (medicines use)
  8. Paramedic standards of performance agreed
  9. Paramedic code of conduct agreed
2018/19 objectives
  1. A fully staffed paramedic led and delivered pre-hospital service
  2. Expansion of service capability to meet the needs of the local population
  3. Continued funding applications to support service development
  4. Annual compliance assessments performed by 625 audit teams
  5.  Joint service training with Police and Fire Service
  6. Advertising and awareness campaign
  7. Clinical mentorship program for all paramedics and doctors
  8. Technical rescue training
  9. Independent audit of pre-hospital service capability