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Improving Safety for Patients, Staff & Organisations


The 625 provide specialist services in design, development and implementation of policy for healthcare organisations.  We are able to help organisations ensure that clinical, operational and managerial activities are undertaken in accordance with the plans, ethics and intent of the board.

  • Design – New policy design
  • Review – Review of existing policy, gap analysis, compliance assessment
  • Development – Development and improvement of existing policy
  • Implementation – Roll out and implementation or new  and updated policy across organisations
  • Compliance – Assessment and evaluation of policy compliance across organisations, rectification and remedial action as required


The 625 provide evidence recording systems which supports clinicians, managers and organisations alike. Utilising the latest video, text and mobile technology recording systems we provide efficient, effective and rapid evidence recording of practical skills and clinical ability.

  • iSimulate – Highly advanced simulation platforms for far less than the cost of traditional systems
  • Digital CPD – Video evidence capture
  • 625 Practical Skills Training PortalVideo based training to ensure cross organisational compliance
  • 625 Practical Skills Secure Storage Portal – Video and digital evidence storage and retrieval for CPD and governance

Performance Review

The 625 provide highly experience independent clinical staff to assist healthcare organisations in the assessment of their own clinical staff. Drawn from the highest performing healthcare providers and academic institutions globally, our review staff bring extensive experience of training and assessment in all aspects of healthcare.

  • Independence – As external assessors we are able to provide impartial feedback and reports regarding clinical performance.
  • Individual Assessment – We are able to provide assessment for individuals undertaking specialisms or experiencing difficulties in practice.
  • Peer Review – The 625 provide peer review services for complex case management, investigations and case reviews.
  • Investigation – Performance review, criminal activity, negligence, equipment failure and systems disruption.
  • Debriefing – Hot, warm and cold debriefing, critical incidents, psychological welfare.

Best Practice and Lessons Learned

PROCLUS  is a software tool enabling organisations to accurately record their responses to events, whilst building a real-time evidence base that can be shared to radically improve clinical care, individual and team performance. Designed by highly qualified and experienced psychologists, PROCLUS supports the training and development needs of team members via a transparent cross-departmental approach to sharing important information. The software can be tailored to organisational requirements and to provide vital evidence for post incident investigation, recovery and learning.

  • Dynamic incident recording – Provides users with the ability to clearly log and record all aspects of an incident from start to finish, as it progresses.
  • Mobility support – A mobile platform allows for dynamic updating of information and anytime access to essential information.
  • Testing and reporting equipment faults – Testing and reporting faults with equipment via a equipment evaluation and fault reporting tool.
  • Continuous professional development (CPD) – Enables managers to identify any training gaps for individuals and/or groups.
  • Train to gain – enhances the quality of training by allowing users to author, create, upload and share CPD within a transparent, secure environment.
  • Access incident data on the move – The dynamic software supports incident preparation activities such as the completion of site risk assessments.
  • Dynamic surveying  – PROCLUS delivers an instant overview at any given moment, providing both analysis and control. Dynamic Surveying allows local or national surveys to be published and viewed by all users instantly and when coupled with a powerful library of resources (such as articles, reports, etc), users have instant access to information all capable of being linked specifically with operational data collected through PROCLUS.