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UK Ambulance Service Formation


An independent group of UK based doctors required an ambulance service capable of delivering emergency and urgent response, high-dependency patient transfer and international repatriation services. The owners had invested significant sums of money into their new business but owing to disputes with managerial staff, contractors and suppliers, by February of 2016 had almost nothing to show for their investments. By the time that The 625 were contacted the owners were facing the prospect of closure before the organisation had begun operations.

The 625 Foresight®as the primary crisis management tool. Within ten weeks of 625 becoming involved a complete transformation had taken place. The failing and near-bankrupt organisation was now safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led; and had successfully registered with the Care Quality Commission.

  • Phase 1 – Capability and capacity audit
  • Phase 2 – Scheme of work development
  • Phase 3 – CQC registration preparatory strategic and tactical work
  • Phase 4 – CQC registration preparatory operational work
  • Phase 5 – Application for CQC Registration.
  • Phase 6 – Submission of post registration compliance evidence.
  • Phase 7 – Commencement of services
  • Phase 8 – Handover of strategic and tactical control to AEMS.
  • Phase 9 – Handover of operational control to AEMS.

Post-delivery comments from CQC Registered Manager

“At the end of the first week the team had a meeting with everyone from the CEO to the cleaner were there, no one was left out. The 625 team gave us a presentation and(the organisation) was definitely in more trouble than we had realised, the board were just as shocked me;I thought that we were going to close down on the spot.

Instead we were given a new plan, I remember it being short, maybe only 2 or 3 pages, but it set really clear deliverables, timescales, budgets, individual responsibilities and accountabilities, the works. Things had gone from crisis to calm in a really short time.

The 625 guys helped us to shed the ‘blame culture’ and become a proper team, and I don’t just mean in the ‘lip-service’ way that we have seen with previous employers. I think that did more for conflict resolution than anything else.

By the time the CQC arrived, literally everything was in place and had been tested; buildings, vehicles, compliance, safeguarding, quality, governance, equipment, resources, policies, procedures … we were absolutely ready and were chomping at the bit to meet the them.

They (The 625) worked with us, not just a pair of suits who arrived to tell us what we were doing wrong. Yes, it was a hard ten weeks, but we could see the project coming together really fast and really well, and that was hugely motivating. The result was outstanding and there’s no question in my mind, we simply couldn’t have done it without The 625.”